You’ll be spending a lot of time in the cabin of your shiny new car so it’s of paramount importance that you feel comfortable. Can you easily adjust the seats and steering wheel? Can you get in and out of the vehicle without making a scene? Don’t be afraid to play around with these features to make sure everything is A-OK for you.

All good sales advisors will wait patiently until you are completely comfortable before commencing the test drive.

So don’t forget to bring all your driving accessories with you – sunglasses, driving shoes, your lucky jumper…

There’ll be a few different  default test drive routes for you to take within a reasonable radius of the car dealership. It’s important for your route to include a mixture of roads so you can see how the car performs in all situations and how it responds to your driving. If you like to switch up gears quickly, for example, it’s important that the car can keep up with you!

It’s a good idea to ask your sales advisor to direct you on a route that will take in a mixture of road types so you really get a feel for the car’s capabilities.

If you’re planning on getting a family car, then it may be wise to take the kiddies along to try it out for size before your test drive and get their much valued opinion. After all, you can always count on the kids to tell it like it is!

Take any child seats with you to check they fit, and make sure you investigate the boot space to see if there’s enough room for all the school bags, gym kits, prams and groceries your family could ever muster.

Dad can even bring his golf clubs!

Although it may be tempting to jump right in and test out the infotainment system, we suggest switching off the radio so you can concentrate on the car.

We appreciate that a test drive is a pretty alien experience for most people. You’re in an unfamiliar car and you may even get involuntary flashbacks of your 17 year old self fumbling behind the wheel on your driving test!

In reality, the test drive is all about you and getting to know the car.

Concentrate on how the steering feels – is it responsive? Think about the suspension – is it firm enough for your liking? What about the power? Does the car accelerate at the right rate for you? And when it does, do you like what you hear from the engine?

Above all, do you feel comfortable in your seat and with the thought of making this car the newest member of your family?

Before you go for your test drive, make sure you have a list of questions you want to ask. Feel free to grill the sales advisor about tax band, insurance class, MPG or finance deals to make sure you have all the details you need to make an informed decision on your purchase.

Chat about what you’ll be needing the car for – school run, city driving, pulling a caravan or daily commuting.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff should be able to make recommendations as to whether your chosen car will be up to the job, or steer you in the direction of a car that might suit you better.

And by everything, we mean EVERYTHING. From the windscreen wipers to the Bluetooth system, make sure it’s all how you want it to be.

It may be the case that the car has not yet had its final checks. So point it out to a friendly sales advisor who’ll jot down anything that needs to be done to make sure the car is the best it can be before it goes home with you.

Finally, there’s no need to rush your decision – you’re quite literally in the driver’s seat! Mull over the events of the test drive with a coffee at the dealership, discuss all the finance options with the advisors, or just sleep on it!

There’s nothing wrong with exploring other options, so have a wander around the site to see if anything else catches your eye. Most car dealerships get new stock in regularly so make sure you’ve had a look at all the options.

And that’s it. If you’re level-headed, optimistic and thorough you’ll get the most out of the test drive experience.

Don’t feel pressured into buying a car just because you’ve had a test drive. This will hopefully be the start of a long relationship and it needs to be right.

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